Frequently Asked Questions

How do your uniforms size?

Please refer to the links below to downlaod the most current sizing charts for all uniform types.

Versus Youth Sizing Chart
Versus Mens Sizing Chart
Versus Womens Sizing Chart

How long does it take to recieve my order?

The time it takes to receive your order depends on various factors, including the size of the order and the duration of the design phase.

Typically, we allocate about 1 week to create uniform concepts and finalize the design selection process. However, if there are multiple design options or intricate designs, this timeframe may be extended. Once the design is chosen, our production team will generate the necessary production files, and you can proceed to place your order.

The manufacturing and preparation of the uniforms usually take between 2-4 weeks, depending on the quantity of uniforms being produced. Rest assured, we strive to ensure a timely and efficient process to deliver your customized uniforms.

What are my design options?

At Versus, we offer two design options for your teams' uniforms. You can choose a stock design that incorporates your team's colors and logos, or you can opt for a fully custom design from scratch.

While a custom design may take longer, our stock designs allow you to browse our gallery and select a uniform you like, ensuring a quick and efficient ordering process. The choice is yours to create the perfect uniforms for your team.

How do team stores work?

Team stores provide a platform for fans, parents, coaches, and players to access a wide range of custom team merchandise, spirit wear, and equipment. They serve as online shops where you can conveniently purchase items from your favorite teams.

Team stores provide organizations with an opportunity to earn revenue and support their initiatives through effective promotion and fundraising efforts. Ask a Versus member about team stores and how you can show your support and contribute to the success of your organization.

Can I place rush orders?

For rush orders, please reach out to our team to discuss your options. Larger orders may have longer manufacturing timelines, which can impact the overall delivery time. Please note that rush orders may incur additional fees, including expedited shipping charges, to ensure prompt delivery.

We strive to accommodate urgent requests while maintaining the highest quality standards. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and explore the possibilities of expediting your order.

Can I make changes to my order after it has been palaced?

While we understand that changes may be necessary, making modifications to an order after it has been placed can cause inconvenience to both the team and our factory. If production has already started, there may be limitations and additional fees associated with making changes.

We recommend reaching out to our customer support team as soon as possible to discuss any desired modifications and explore the available options. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction while maintaining efficient order processing.

Is there a deposit requiered to get my order started?

Yes, we require a minimum deposit of 60% before we begin production on your custom uniforms. This deposit is necessary as each order is tailored specifically to the customer's requirements, and we cannot resell unused uniforms.

By requesting a deposit, we ensure a commitment to the order and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction throughout the process.